Facebook LIVE – Surviving Sensory Overloads During the Holidays

Facebook LIVE Session on December 12, 2017

Margery Henning, a Tourette Association of America Educational Advisory Committee and occupational therapist discussed ways for individuals with Tourette and Tic Disorders to get through all the sensory overloads that the holidays bring.  

A member of the Tourette Association of America Educational Advisory Committee, Margery has 25 years of experience as an occupational therapist.  She believes that individuals with TS need to explore and understand the specific challenges related to their TS and associated disorders, including Sensory Processing, OCD, and learning disabilities. Her goal is to provide individuals with TS the skills and assistive technology needed to play, learn, work and socialize in the manner that reflects their interest and abilities.  A strong advocate for recognizing the unique talents of individuals with TS, Margie uses those talents in therapy to address areas of need. A member of the Tourette Association for over 25 years, Margery has 2 adult sons and several extended family members with TS and related disorders.