February TouretteConnect

Dear Friends,

Let’s talk about success. By definition, success is defined as a favorable or desired outcome. In business, success is a term we hear regularly. How is success being measured? What are the drivers for success? Similarly, it seems societally we are constantly striving for success; successful careers, relationships, social status, etc.

But, what if success in its most basic form is something that happens hour by hour, minute by minute? What if success is as simple as getting out of bed on a particularly hard day, or offering a note of support to someone in need? Tiny wins that incrementally improve our days. We need to start recognizing these wins for what they are and celebrating them.

When I think of what it means to be successful for the Tourette Association of America, it is about helping you and others lead improved, happier, healthier lives. Over the course of the year, we will evaluate the success of how we reach individuals across the nation to provide support. Our goal remains to do better, reach out and help more people.

Last weekend, TAA Puerto Rico Support Group leaders, David and Damaris Tirado, organized a successful two-day event educating over 200 individuals. People traveled from deep in the mountains, hours away, to get support for themselves or their loved ones. In addition to the community event, the TAA collaborated with a local hospital in San Juan to offer back-to-back medical training sessions. David and Damaris have taken a grassroots approach to raise awareness. Knowing they had limited resources and needed to reach more people, they rented a bus and traveled around from city to city raising awareness for Tourette Syndrome. By any definition their effort was a success and we are grateful for their work on behalf of the TS community.

Our goal is to support individuals like David and Damaris on our journey to eradicate ignorance and provide hope in every corner of the world. Join us on this journey. Please volunteer, get involved, or make a contribution.



National Efforts to Raise Awareness


Registration is now open for the 2019 National Awareness 5K Run/Walk. On May 19, hundreds of individuals will gather at Flushing Meadows-Corona Park in Queens, NY. The National 5K Run/Walk brings the community together, while raising awareness and funds for Tourette Syndrome and Tic Disorders.

Register or donate today and help us make a difference with every mile.

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International Alliances – Hannover, Germany


The European Society for the Study of Tourette Syndrome (ESSTS) is holding their 2019 annual meeting and the twelfth European Conference on Tourette Syndrome and Tic Disorders this May in Hannover, Germany. This international event will feature three days of presentations and speakers on Tourette Syndrome and will take place May 15 – May 17.

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Building Relationships, Dating and Social Situations with Tourette


It can be tough to meet new people and socialize when you have Tourette Syndrome and co-occurring conditions. The added stress and pressure can leave you feeling physically drained. The TAA offers various resources on engaging in social situations and relationships to help make navigating friendships and dating easier.

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Antipsychotics and Antidepressants for Tourette Syndrome

[Public Policy]

On January 25, the Tourette Association of America submitted comments on the Administration’s proposed changes to protected class drugs (antipsychotics and antidepressants) in Medicare Part D. These changes would allow Part D providers to change patients’ protected class prescriptions at any time, even if they have been stable on that particular medicine.

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