Behavior Therapy for Tourette Syndrome

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Nova University School of Psychology
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Arzin, Nathan, MD

This research grant will initiate a controlled study of the treatment benefits of Behavior Therapy for people with Tourette Syndrome. Previous research with non Tourette individual motor tics has shown substantial improvement, especially with the behavioral treatment of “Habit Reversal.” That treatment combines general muscle relaxation therapy, specific muscle competing response training, and Behavior Therapy procedures for enhancing control by increased awareness and identification of precipitating stimulus situations. For children, reinforcement procedures are also incorporated to motivate them to use the newly acquired self-control. The evaluation will be conducted in an experimental design that will permit comparisons with an untreated control group, precise quantification of the degree of benefit, in-office and out of-office effects, long-term follow-up, assessment of individual differences, and utility when combined with drug therapy as well as when used alone. Favorable results could lead to use of this treatment as an alternative for persons overly reactive to the available drug therapies and as a concurrent treatment for patients insufficiently benefited by the drugs alone. Nathan H. Arzin , Ph.D. Nova University School of Psychology Fort Lauderdale, FL Award: $15,000 Sheldon Novick Memorial Grant* * This grant has been established in grateful memory of TSA’s Founding Medical Director, 1974-1983. Tourette Association of America, Inc. – Research Grant Award 1986