Genetic Project Gilles de la Tourette English Pedigree

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Univ. College & Middlesex Hosp. England
Investigators Name
Robertson, Mary, MD

Over a year ago we located a large English family of 100 individuals where initial Clinical assessment pointed to approximately 50 TS affected members. This TSA award will afford us the opportunity to clinically assess this family and to use molecular genetic markers to attempt to localize the gene or genes responsible for this disorder. Our laboratory has demonstrated expertise in techniques which allow for identification of hyperactive “minisatellite” polymorphisms. This approach could offer a rapid route to the localization of a mutation. This method allows us to confine our study to a single family and still increase the probability of detecting heterogeneity in this one group. The information we hope to obtain will be very useful to others working in the field who are using a different method to probe for the marker for the TS gene. We will be using the clinical diagnostic tools developed by the Yale and Rochester groups and we will work in close collaboration with our American and Scandinavian colleagues: We are grateful to the Tourette Syndrome Association for providing the support necessary to carry out this important scientific research. Mary Robertson, MD, University College and Middlesex Hospitals Hugh Gurling, MD, University of London, London, England Award: $23,560 Tourette Association of America Inc. – Research Grant Award 1988