Neuroleptic-Free Summer Vacations in School Aged GTS Patients

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Rush Presbyterian-St. Luke’s Med. Ctr
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Comella, Cynthia, MD

Although medications such as pimozide may control tics, a major concern of TS children, their parents and their doctors is the immediate and long term side effects of these drugs. These side effects affect up to 80% of treated TS children and can include sedation, behavioral problems and alterations in thinking. A temporary discontinuation of the drugs during the summer vacation months will allow an evaluation of the side effects of the drugs, an assessment of the need to restart drugs when school begins in the fall and the opportunity to find the lowest dose needed so that side effects are minimized. This study is the first to carefully look at the idea of drug discontinuation under controlled circumstances. The results of this research will provide information that will guide doctors in their decisions about stopping medications during the summer. Moreover, this research data will allow the first scientific evaluation of the effect of neuroleptics on TS children, and will, we hope, lead to further research as to the best way to treat TS. Cynthia L Comella, M.D. Rush Presbyterian-St. Lukes Medical Center, Chicago, IL Award $24,000 Tourette Association of America Inc. – Research Grant Award 1991