Random Mapping of Tourette Syndrome: Inclusion/Exclusion of the G-Group Chromosomes

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Washington University
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Devor, Eric, PhD

The search for the chromosomal location of the TS gene has reached a point where there are relatively few places left to look. For this reason, several of the members of the TS Gene Mapping Consortium have begun to look at those places in greater detail. My research for the coming year will involve increasing the coverage of the G-group chromosomes, numbers 21 and 22. I will be adding more DNA probes from these chromosomes to the list of potential TS markers and will be screening them in my TS family sample. In addition, all members of the Consortium have agreed to maintain a degree of flexibility in their TS work so as to allow joint screening of any interesting regions that may be found. In this way, a positive finding can be shared among the members and quickly verified by all groups. Eric J. Devor, Ph.D. Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO Award $17,499 Tourette Association of America Inc. – Research Grant Award 1990