Study on Hereditary Factors in Gilles de la Tourette Syndrome in the Netherlands

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Erasmus University The Netherlands
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van de Wetering, B.J.M., MD

The 1988 TSA grant allowed us to complete the investigation of 6 extended families using the direct interview method. One of the families is of Norwegian origin with family members living in Norway, England and France. This family has been studied with the help of Drs. A. Heiberg, A. Dahl and H. Hanssen. All the blood samples have been processed in the laboratory of Dr. B. A. Oostra by P. Heutink and G. Breedveld. From all the DNA probes they have collected for this study more than 60 have been tested in the last year for possible linkage with the Tourette gene. After specific statistical analysis, none of these probes appeared to be closely linked to the presumed Tourette gene. Consultant on the statistical analysis. is Dr. L.A. Sandkuyl. The results so far have been presented at the First World Congress on Genetics in Psychiatry in Cambridge, England in August 1989. The collaboration with other TSA funded research groups in the field has been strongly intensified in 1988 and the beginning of 1989. There has been an exchange of DNA and probes with Drs. E. Devor and J. Weber in the U.S.A. and Drs. M. Robertson and H. Gurling in England. Progress and preliminary results have been regularly discussed with Dr. D. Pauls from the Yale group whose advice and help are highly appreciated by our group. The fruitful collaboration with these clinicians and scientists has contributed much to the progress we have been able to make until now. With this new grant award we plan to extend the number of kindreds that are involved in the study, and to speed up the laboratory work using a more extensive number of probes in collaboration with the other research groups. The willingness of relatives of Tourette patients to participate in our study is very high. There are at least 10 new families in The Netherlands waiting to be investigated. Here again we would like to express our gratitude for the support of the TSA and the encouragement of the members of the TSA Scientific Advisory Board that strengthen the inspiration to proceed with the work. B.J.M. van de Wetering, MD Erasmus University, The Netherlands Award:$50,000 Tourette Association of America Inc. – Research Grant Award 1989