Study on Hereditary Factors in Gilles de la Tourette Syndrome in the Netherlands and Scandinavia

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Erasmus University The Netherlands
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van de Wetering, B.J.M., MD

In 1987 we received a TSA research grant award for this ongoing project which enabled us to develop the assessment tools for the clinical part of our genetic study, i.e. translation to Dutch of a standardized interview, various rating scales, and to initially select six large families that were not only willing to participate in a linkage study, but also met the criteria for such investigations. Clinical investigation of these families is currently in full progress. TSA’s support allowed us to continue our cooperation with Dr. Arvid Heiberg (Norway) and Dr. Rasmus Fog (Denmark) which has brought us to the point where, in August of 1988, one large Norwegian family will be assessed by Norwegian and Dutch investigators. Both the methods for the clinical part of the study and the linkage studies were chosen so that an optimal exchange of information among TSA funded genetic investigations can occur among the collaborating centers in England and the USA. This 1988 TSA grant award will enable us to statistically assess the family data collected, and will contribute to the costs of the DNA analyses that will be carried out in the laboratory of Dr. B.A. Oostra and Prof. Dr. M.F. Niermeijer at the Erasmus University, Rotterdam. We are very pleased to be part of this international collaborative search for the gene marker for Tourette Syndrome. B.J.M. van de Wetering, M.D. Erasmus University, Rotterdam, The Netherlands Award: $15,000 Tourette Association of America Inc. – Research Grant Award 1988