The Development of and effect of Therapy on Behavior/Social Problems in Tourette Syndrome

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Johns Hopkins
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Rosenberg, Leon, PhD

Behavioral problems and difficulties in social adjustment are common concomitants Tourette Syndrome. Yet, despite their relative frequency, little is known about the development of these problems or the effect of tic-suppressing medications on their prognosis. One explanation for our failure to understand behavior/ social problems has been the lack of proven testing methods. However, in preliminary studies we have recently demonstrated the potential of standardized approaches to detect subtle behavioral and social difficulties in TS. We believe it is now time to determine the factors that produce these behavioral difficulties and to examine the effect of pharmacologic intervention. We will be carrying out a longitudinal study examining the pattern of development and potential causes for behavioral and social difficulties. TS patients and their parents are seen regularly in our clinic for treatment. At each visit we will be surveying a child’s emotional status, behavior and performance at school as well as the entire family’s progress at coping with this disorder. This data will be used to plan direct intervention in order to improve the overall life adjustment of the TS youngster and his or her family. From this study we anticipate two outcomes: 1. We will improve our understanding of just how to deal with these behavioral problems. 2. We will be able to share our information with other clinicians as to what behavioral problems may be expected and just when they seem to appear in the natural course of the ailment. Leon A. Rosenberg, Ph.D., Division of Child Psychiatry Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, Baltimore, MD Award: $12,500 Tourette Association of America Inc. – Research Grant Award 1987