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What is the importance of Public Policy?

What is the importance of Public Policy and Why Should I Advocate?

Nonprofit organizations play a vital role in the development and implementation of public policy to promote a healthy and educated society. Advocacy includes awareness through public education and the capacity for relationship building, forming networks, and leadership training and development, through the Tourette Association’s annual Leadership Training’s and Advocacy Conferences.

Nonprofits organizations, such as the Tourette Association of America serve as an important bridge between policy makers and their constituents. When direct services are needed, it takes individuals like you, asking their elected officials for support to generate innovative solutions to meet the need.

America’s history is full of stories of people and groups that fought great odds to make great changes and the Tourette Association has individual heroes among those who fought for Tourette Awareness, Research and Support-It only takes one person to make a change and Be the Difference in their community!