Independent Living Centers for People with Tourette Syndrome

Independent Living Centers for People with Tourette Syndrome

Are there any living facilities or programs for people with Tourette Syndrome?

While there are many people with TS who lead very successful lives, there are some whose tics or symptoms of co-occurring conditions are so severe that they become an obstacle in the person’s journey into adulthood. For some, tasks that most people need to do as adults, like finding and keeping a job and a place to live as well as things like keeping track of bills and appointments become almost impossible to do alone.

Independent living centers offer services that help adults with disabilities to lead independent lives. There are many independent living programs available for people with disabilities. Many of these programs are familiar with a number of different conditions and usually have criteria that the individual must meet.

There are no residential treatment facilities or independent living or day programs exclusively for people with Tourette Syndrome. Most are generalized and work with a number of conditions- each place is different. Please keep in mind that it is entirely possible to have Tourette Syndrome and to also be affected by another physical or mental health condition. Most centers will need to fit individuals into a category that will work with the parameters of their programs.

If you know someone who might need the help of an independent living program. Here are some resources that might help you get started:

• Talk with your treatment providers; they know the diagnosis and what is needed better than most because they know the individual and their medical history. Once you have a clearer understanding of what the challenges are it might be easier to find a program to fit his or her needs. It is possible that treatment providers might have some experience with this and could maybe refer you to another resource.

• Another source could be the directory of independent living programs through the Centers for Independent Living (CILs) and Statewide Independent Living Councils (SILCs) ILRU search here to find programs in your state – click here

• Use your state’s 211 directory. Calling 211 and asking them about programs in your area might lead you to referral for programs in your state based on the needs presented.

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