My Secret

My Secret

written by Holden N, age 10

Have you ever had a sneeze you couldn’t get out? Or swallowed back a bad thought that you just wanted to shout?

Do you ever get the wiggle giggles, but know your timing is all wrong? Ever feel the need to belt out your favorite song?

Imagine your brain just had to do those things: Blurt, wiggle, giggle, drum, twirl and sing.

It doesn’t matter what you do, the need to do it sticks; no matter what you do, they create these things called tics.

Tics can be quite scary, but ignoring them is bad. When I tell them to “be quiet” they make me mad and sad.

And even when I tell these tics they can’t come out to play, they ignore me and come out anyway.

My secret is I have a Syndrome. Tourette’s is what they call it. It’s annoying, I must admit. But my tics are just a part of me and I just can’t make them “quit”.

I have Tourette’s Syndrome, but it doesn’t have me.