Real People, Real Progress Webinar

Real People, Real Progress:

Personal Challenges and Strategies for Coping

The webinar “Real People, Real Progress: Personal Challenges and Strategies for Coping” was hosted by the Tourette Health and Education Program. Kathy and Matt Giordano, shared some of their personal challenges that they have faced while living with Tourette Syndrome and some strategies that have helped them to manage them.

More about Matt:
Percussionist, Director, Composer, Writer, Presenter, and Entrepreneur Matt Giordano began playing the drums at the age of two and lessons at the age of five.  Matt was a student under the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra’s lead percussionist for eight years. He participated in many local, county and state performances and competitions between the age of 10 and 18 the majority of which he came in 1st place. Matt was diagnosed with severe Tourette syndrome at the age of 5 along with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).  Matt had many struggles growing up due to his diagnoses but he was able to overcome the challenges and successfully achieving his dreams from the support of his family, friends, community, music and his own determination. In 2003 Matt established Drum Echoes, Inc.  Through his company he provides a unique variety of drum events for schools, corporations, conferences, camps, health care agencies and many other groups of people locally, nationally and internationally. Matt’s drumming and personal story has received media attention on radio, newspaper and newsletter interviews, BBC, PBS Nova, a New York Times bestseller book Musicophilia by Dr. Oliver Sacks, NEW YORK TIMES quoted Matt as an “Exceptional performer” and was featured in a short documentary “75 Watts” that won 1st place for best documentary short at the Palm Springs Int’l film Festival and got nominated for a Genie Award Academy of Canadian Cinema.  Matt Giordano feels very fortunate for all of his life experiences. As challenging as it can be, he believes he has received a greater level of appreciation and understanding of life and people.  He is passionately giving that back through his company Drum Echoes.

More about Kathy:
Kathy Giordano is the Tourette Association of America’s Education Specialist. She has a background in teaching Grades 7-12 English. From 1995 to 2015, she held various positions at the Advocacy Center in upstate New York, including Coordinator for the Tourette Education Advocacy and Support Program. Additionally, Ms. Giordano owned and operated Tourette Plus, providing educational and behavioral consultant services to school districts and human service agencies. For over 25 years, she has presented information regarding Tourette Syndrome, Functional Behavioral Assessments and positive/proactive behavioral management plans. Ms. Giordano and her husband Tony have three adult children, two of whom have TS. She recently co-authored with her son Matt, a book titled, A Family’s Quest for Rhythm: Living with Tourette, ADD, OCD and Challenging Behaviors.