A Tourette Conversation: Tanya Sockol and Connor Harrington

A mother and son, Tanya Sockol and Connor Harrington, sit down to talk about the effects of Tourette Syndrome on their lives, including depression and suicidal thoughts. Tanya Sockol is the mother of two children with Tourette Syndrome and the spouse of a husband with Tourette Syndrome. Tanya Sockol speaks of her experiences with her children and husband and how frustrated she is with the lack of knowledge and understanding of the disease. Connor Harrington also speaks about his own experiences and struggles, including trouble in school, depression, and the support of his friends and family. Connor Harrington shares his experiences about his own depression and how he overcame it. The mother and son converse about what Connor would say to the children with Tourette Syndrome that are suffering with depression and suicidal thoughts.

“As time went on and I got older, I started to realize that there’s so much more to me than Tourette Syndrome.” -Connor Harrington