Clinical & Counseling Perspectives

Clinical & Counseling Perspectives

Allied clinical and counseling professionals play a significant role in helping people and families affected by Tourette Syndrome (TS.) Families may seek counseling to help them understand and manage the effects of a new diagnosis for their child. Individuals may seek counseling to help with a wide range of issues: dealing with tic symptoms, rejection by peers, school and learning problems, when to tell others about Tourette Syndrome, dating and socializing, treatment approaches and many more concerns.

The Tourette Association welcomes the interest of practicing clinicians in social work, psychology, counseling, nursing, rehabilitation counseling, and various other related professional disciplines. On this page, we will feature articles offering a clinical perspective on service and supports for individuals and families with TS and related conditions such as ADHD, OCD and Learning Disabilities. We urge you to share this page with your colleagues. We want to help counseling professionals increase awareness of and skills in working with Tourette Syndrome.

In partnership with the CDC, the Tourette Association conducts FREE Medical, and Allied Professional education seminars throughout the U.S. The partnership has produced medical and allied professional education materials in print, CD, DVD, and web video formats, many of which are viewable on this website, and distributed free of charge to attendees at these sessions. Click here for more information about these programs, which can be presented at your Medical facility, School District, or professional educators association, medical or allied professional organization.

We welcome your comments and suggestions. To contact us about Clinical and Counseling questions and topics click here.

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