Psychosocial Intervention for Tourette

Psychosocial Intervention for Tourette, taken from the DVD, “Hot Topics in Evaluation, Treatment and Management of Tourette Syndrome and Co-occurring Conditions”; available through the Tourette Association.
John Walkup, M.D., Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist @ Johns Hopkins Hospital, TSA/MAB Chairman
Samuel Zinner, M.D., Pediatrician @ University of Washington School of Medicine
Lawrence Scahill, MSN, Ph.D., Nurse Practitioner of Child Psychiatry
Jorge Juncos, M.D., Neurologist @ Emory University School of Medicine
Leon Dure, M.D., Child Neurologist @Children’s Hospital, Birmingham Alabama
Barbara Coffey, M.D., @ NYU School of Medicine, NYU Child Study Center
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