Back to School: TAA Resources to Use Throughout the School Year

For those who started back at school with a child or teen with TS, and those who will be going back soon, the Tourette Association of America (TAA) has a wide range of resources to help you navigate educating school personnel, educating other students and peers, preparing for 504 and IEP meetings, and learning about accommodations for your child at school. Learn about our resources and how you can use these resources throughout the school year.

Key Takeaways

  • The TAA is here to provide school resources that help families and educators better understand TS and co-occurring conditions.
  • Resources from the TAA can help direct families and educators to better support their child with TS in terms of suggested school accommodations and school services.
  • Having a foundational understanding of 504s and IEPs will help your child get the accommodations and services that he/she/they need to be successful at school.
  • Understanding how to work in partnership with your child’s school is important for a successful school year.
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