Jason Kaplan

Manager, Information and Referral Services

Jason Kaplan has over 20 years of marketing and leadership experience most of which has been spent in the non-profit sector on both a national and international level. His accomplishments span the spectrum of marketing and development from campaign planning and strategy to brand evolution and partnership development.

Having been diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome at the age of 9, he also brings his personal experience and understanding of the disorder to the forefront.

“TS has never defined me but it has determined the course of the kind of professional and individual I am and continuously strive to be. It’s a privilege as part of the TAA’s leadership to use my experiences with the disorder to inspire an evolution of ideas that leads to positive change and education for anyone with, or whose life is affected by Tourette Syndrome.”

Jason is a graduate of the University of Miami, Florida with a degree in Business Management and has professional certifications in both Digital Marketing and Website Development from both Pratt Institute and HubSpot Academy.