telehealth coverage

Stories Needed for Telehealth Coverage Expansion Support

Expanding coverage of telehealth is a public policy priority for TAA.  Why? Increased coverage for telehealth would help address the shortage of doctors and providers who specialize in Tourette Syndrome or other Tic Disorders by allowing patients to travel shorter distances and take less time off of work and school for their appointments when a virtual appointment could work. 

Furthermore, some Tourette Syndrome specialists believe that some patients’ care could be improved since telehealth would allow patients to bring the device to a location where their tics are expressed more often. This would allow the provider to see the tics firsthand. That way, the doctor and the patient would be able to talk and ask questions right as the tics are occurring.

The TAA has advocated for years for increased coverage for telehealth visits in Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance, especially since it is often the preferred appointment type by both provider and patient.

COVID-19 has increased the coverage of telehealth during the Public Health Emergency (PHE) for Medicare.  This means more people in the Tourette Syndrome and Tic Disorder community have been able to utilize telehealth during this time.  We want to ensure this increased coverage continues after the PHE. 

Advocacy is always strengthened with personal stories of success, so we want to hear from you!  Please send in your success stories of how telehealth coverage during the PHE has benefitted you, or your child, in the care of Tourette Syndrome or other Tic Disorders. 

Please include any cost and time savings, improved care, any improvement in ability to see specialists or other successes.  Your story will help us advocate for continued and increased coverage of telehealth!