Support for Adults with TS

For many people affected by Tourette Syndrome (TS) and Tic Disorders, severe symptoms continue into adulthood. Living with Tourette Syndrome as an adult comes with a unique set of challenges, often without the family and parental support that kids with TS benefit from. In fact, adults with TS and Tic disorders experience unfiltered, unkind and in many cases, unlawful biases and stigma.

The TAA’s commitment to supporting the TS and Tic Disorder community does not end at adolescence. In fact over the last year alone, we have been developing resources specifically for the Adults. Our new website features a section dedicated to Adults Living with Tourette where you can find information, articles and videos on job interview, job hunting and rights; dating and social situation; the role of exercise and tic management and more. We have also curated a collection of inspiring videos that speak to adults. Check out our YouTube Channel playlist “Adults with Tourette Syndrome” at tourette.org/TV.

We continue to develop our resources for adults living with Tourette Syndrome. This September we will be holding a Twitter Chat on Tips for the Workplace and a webinar on Workplace Discrimination and Rights. Check our events page for details as they become available.

Diagnosed with TS as an Adult