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About TicFit: This workout series is designed as an exercise protocol to help you use a specific way of exercising to manage your tics. Every tic interrupts your breath. Sometimes breathing is the tic. Activities  like exercise are proved to help to reduce motor tics and the goal of this series is to provide each person more specific direction. Cardio helps because it regulates your breath but you can do that with strength workouts as well.

“I’ve learned to manage my tics by learning to managing my breath (as a swimmer and water polo player) and most importantly by controlling the muscles that are used for breathing.”


Upcoming Events

TicFit Workout Session

July 29, 2020

TicFit Q&A Session

August 19, 2020

Past Sessions

Workout 1

Workout 2

Workout 3

Workout 4

About the Instructor/Creator:
The host of the TicFit series is Raquel Cunningham (RaquelRKC). Raquel is an accomplished Strength and Conditioning Coach with Tourette Syndrome. Holding several degrees and accrediations, B.A. UCSB, NCSF, SFG1, Pilates Apparatus, Pre/PostNatal, Raquel was diagnosed 28 years ago at age six, along with her father and sister.

Contact: raquelrkc@gmail.com