More Time to Love – A Story about Tourette & ALS

This guest blog was submitted by Joe Wions

For someone with Tourette Syndrome, the thought of needing to twitch without the ability to move can be a frightening one. But, after being diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease), that became the reality for Joe Wions. The prognosis for ALS is a two- to three-year death sentence. With unbreakable will and persistence, Joe chose a different fate. Left with a hopeless situation in the eyes of doctors, he worked through the agony of Tourette’s, faced the daunting fear of ALS, and set out on a quest for alternatives. Determined to find a cure, Joe endured harrowing moments of decline, but eventually stumbled upon keys that unlocked healing in both his body and his mind, and brought forth perspective on how to live fully, regardless of one’s limitations.

Through his evolution, Joe kept a journal as a way of coping with his darker moments. As he transitioned his mind and body to a state of health, his journal transformed into a book filled with life lessons and empowerment. Joe’s children, Dan and Julie Wions, have grown and persevered through their own diagnosis of Tourette’s. Out of admiration for their father, and inspired by the coping skills, life strategies, and love they received from him, they have dedicated the last 5 years of their lives to fulfilling Joe’s dream by sharing his book with the world. In More Time to Love, Joe takes his readers on a journey from nightmares to miracles. Insights and stories from his friends and family add perspective, and even humor, as Joe’s entire community was inspired by his heroic struggle—between helplessness and strength, the physical and the philosophical, the challenges and rewards of raising children with neurological disorders, and the power of personal choice. More Time to Love also provides resources and information for families coping with ALS and other debilitating diseases, as well as coping and healing strategies for those facing any illness or obstacle.

“My purpose in writing this book is to share my story about the impact of ALS, how I have grown from the experience, and what I have learned as a result. It is my fondest wish that this story will provide hope and inspiration to others who are fighting this devastating disease, and to anyone who is facing a formidable challenge.”

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