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Tourette Basics: Instagram Live with Cheryl Cardall

Learn the basics of Tourette Syndrome during an Instagram Live on Monday, June 15 at 1 pm EST.  Cheryl Cardall, a mom of five between the ages of 10 and 21, is an advocate for families raising children with various challenges, including Tourette Syndrome. Cheryl and Wendy Wegman, TAA Education Specialist, will discuss tics, common co-occurring conditions, school-related concerns and accommodations. Learn ways that you can support your child and help them to accept their diagnosis. Got a question that you would like to see addressed? Please submit your question below.

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About Cheryl Cardall

Cheryl Cardall is a mom of 5 children ages 10-21.  Due to family circumstances, in recent years she has become a passionate educator and advocate for parents raising children with various challenges including mental health issues, Tourette Syndrome, behavioral and educational issues.  Cheryl has a bachelor’s degree in Human and family development with an emphasis in early childhood education.  She has been coaching and strengthening moms and families for over a decade.  She is also the future host of Fight Like a Mother Podcast.

Follow Cheryl on Instagram at @SuperMamas4real.

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About Wendy Wegman

Wendy Wegman is an Education Specialist for the Tourette Association of America. In this role, Wendy provides knowledge, awareness and understanding of Tourette syndrome by speaking with parents and school personnel around the country to help best meet the needs of students with Tourette syndrome. Additionally, she presents nationally at school districts and education conferences. Prior to joining the Association, Wendy was a classroom teacher for over twenty years. Her passion and love for serving the TS community stem from her son’s personal challenges and successes with Tourette syndrome. Wendy has a BA and an MA in Education from Mills College.

Follow the Tourette Association on Instagram at @TouretteAssociation.

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