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Last week the Tourette Association of America kicked off the celebration of its 45th year, focusing on Real People, Real Progress, by proudly welcoming the 2017 Youth Ambassadors in our Nation’s Capital, Washington DC. Roughly 40 Youth Ambassadors, joined by their families, went through a comprehensive training which culminated at the annual “Trip to the Hill”. Tourette Association Staff, Board members, previous and current Youth Ambassadors, and supporting family members traveled to the US Capitol to meet with local representatives and #Rally4Tourette. These moments are truly our mission in action, as we represent the hundreds of thousands of individuals living with Tourette Syndrome and Tic Disorders. Click here to see the photo album.

In light of the recent YA training I would like to introduce the next #TouretteVoice, Andrew Fogarty (pictured above). Andrew is one of our newest Youth Ambassadors and I had the opportunity to learn more about him – he even dyed the tips of his hair teal for TS! Andrew shared why he wanted to be a YA, ”my motive is to help people and becoming a YA is my best opportunity to do so”. Click to read his story!

I want to personally thank you for all of the support within the Tourette Community. We are stronger than ever through new research, resilient support, and growing awareness of TS. We will continue to celebrate the Real People, Real Progress of each individual of the Tourette community and create a world that is understanding of TS. Visit to share your story, or learn more about how you can support individuals and families living with Tourette and Tic Disorders. #TouretteVoices
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Be the voice and vision for Tourette Syndrome!


It’s never too late to take action – click below to contact your representative and make a difference right in your own community. The Tourette Association’s National Day of Advocacy took place on March 7th, where hundreds of individuals in the TS Community joined together in Washington DC to #Rally4Tourette.

Our inspiring new Youth Ambassadors were joined by their family, friends, educators, researchers, and past Youth Ambassadors to meet with their Congressional Leaders and discussed the most important and pressing public policy priorities. By advocating for Tourette, it gives a voice and a vision for TS Public Policy efforts – and most importantly it allows the TAA to continue Real People, Real Progress!

Take Action!

Medical 200

Ask the Medical Expert: Medical Care Overview


Can my child be denied medical care? Can you clarify what a spectrum disorder is? Is it possible that a diagnosis of Autism and Tourette Syndrome can be confused? Dr. Carol Mathews provides insight to each of these questions and more! Dr. Mathews is the Co-Chair of the TAA Scientific Advisory Board, as well as a Pre-Eminent Professor and recipient of the Brooke Professorship in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Florida College of Medicine.

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Identifying Common Education Difficulties with Tourette Syndrome


Educators and families should be aware of common challenges that impact school performance among children with TS. Sometimes these challenges are misunderstood or thought of as ‘purposeful behaviors’ that are not related to TS, or other related conditions.

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What’s Happening

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  • 4/18: Parent Strategies: Tips and Support #TouretteChat:
  • Webinar: Real People, Real Progress featuring Kathy & Matt Giordano

Save the Dates!

11/6: Premier Gala: Honoring Ken Moelis!

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