TouretteConnect – October 2016

team touretteOctober is a busy time of year at the Tourette Association of America! We are just weeks away from our premier Gala on November 14th and are in the midst of planning the magic of our annual Team Tourette Event at Disney World! While the Disney World Marathon events take place in January 2017, the time to plan to attend this truly special event is right now – especially since the Tourette Association has secured some of the most competitive rates for hotel as well as discounted park tickets. This could be the fun, fabulously-meaningful, and financially-sound Disney Vacation ever! Click here to learn more and register.

October is also the time when our Youth Ambassadors begin making their presentations around the country to raise awareness and understanding about Tourette among their peers. In addition, our Support Services and Public Health & Education teams are knee-deep in providing information and support about multiple school-related issues. Lastly, the TAA Research and Medical Team preparing to release its much-anticipated annual Research Progress Report; hosting Behavior Training Institutes for CBIT around the country; and looking ahead to next year’s grant program.

As you can see, fall is an active time for everyone at the TAA. I invite you to explore all we have going on at In the meantime, I hope you will find this month’s issue of Tourette Connect valuable.

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October is Bullying Prevention and Awareness Month


I recently read an article describing how a ten-year-old boy felt humiliated on the school bus because his Tourette Syndrome (TS). The child has coprolalia, a verbal tic that causes him to involuntarily swear or say inappropriate phrases. On his ride home from school, the bus driver allegedly grabbed the boy by his shirt in front of the other students and told him to stop swearing. While the specific incident is being investigated, this situation gives us all a chance to reflect on the need for ongoing awareness, understanding, and compassion.

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Joining Forces for the Greater Good


This was a month of collaboration as the TAA partnered with like-minded organizations to leverage its message and reach a wider audience with important information and support. In recognition of October as National Bullying Prevention Month, the TAA’s Tourette Health and Education team hosted an interactive and informative Twitter Chat to along with PACER and Jaylen Arnold, the founder of Jaylen’s Challenge.

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Banking on Value of Brains


The key to understanding and effectively treating Tourette lies in the ability of scientists to fully understand the brain’s basic biochemistry. Later this month, the TAA research and medical team will be traveling to the Harvard Brain Tissue Resources Center (HBTRC) at McClean Hospital in Belmont, Massachusetts to discuss the current state of the TAA Brain Bank and plan the next steps for the future of the program. As you may know, the Tourette Association of America Brain Bank Program was established to facilitate neuropathological studies of Tourette Syndrome. By working together with the HBTRC team, we are able to provide brain tissue to Neuroscientists dedicated to studying the basic causes of TS.

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Getting Involved!


10/24 TAA Golf Outing at Westchester Country Club!
11/6 NYC Marathon – A Team Tourette Event
11/14 Premier Gala!

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