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Trekking in Teal to Raise Awareness

One of the most effective ways that the Tourette Association works to raise awareness is through “Team Tourette.” This fall, we are hosting (and have hosted) several events that have put our Tourette “Teal” out in force, drawing attention to the importance of supporting the needs of people affected by Tourette and Tic Disorders. On the heels of our Disneyland Half Marathon event, we have our eyes and sneakers on the east cost getting ready for the prestigious New York City Marathon. In fact, it’s not to late to “Make a Difference with Every Mile,” as we still have a bibs left for the November 6 New York City MarathonFor our Team Tourette runners who are looking for some magic and sunshine, our registration is now open for the much-anticipated Disneyworld Marathon weekend, which takes place January 5-8, 2017!

Whether you run, walk, cheer on the sidelines, or make a donation, participating in a Team Tourette event is an important part of the Tourette Association’s awareness efforts that promote social acceptance, wider understanding, and broader legislative support. Not only do participants reach their networks through social media and outreach, but these events create opportunities for the media and the general public to take notice of the seriousness of Tourette and Tics, and the groundswell of interest and support.

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“I run for my husband, who has Tourette’s and struggled with his tics and himself since he was diagnosed at the age of 7. I run for that little boy who had to hold his tics in to get a gold star in school. I run for that young boy who got picked on in school for being weird and made noises. I run for the young man who tried to pretend he didn’t have these annoying tics that makes him feel socially awkward. I run for the man who finally accepts his tics; head shakes, throat clearing & ALL of his OCDs. We run to make sure people are aware. We run because we want to make sure no one goes through this alone again.

My husband and I love the Tourette Association of America so much! We started participating when Team Tourette first came out to the west coast 10 years ago and we haven’t stopped!”

From Chanmony Lenney for her husband Jeff (shown above)