Visualizing a Fantastic Future: Creating a Vision Board

Bring along a photo or object with meaning to share with the virtual group!

A vision board is a special space that displays your goals, how you want to feel and your hopes for the future. By creating a vision board, you are making your goals visible. That way, you are able to access this important information about yourself every day, which is particularly important during this current pandemic, when you may be feeling more lost and overwhelmed than usual.


katrina hermetet lindsay

Katrina Hermetet-Lindsay, PhD, NCSP

Dr. Katrina Hermetet-Lindsay is a licensed clinical psychologist, a pediatric school psychologist at Akron Children’s Hospital, and an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED). She is the director of the Tic and Tourette Service, a recently designated Center for Excellence, and a certified CBIT provider. Prior to her faculty and clinical appointment, she completed her doctoral training in Pediatric School Psychology at Lehigh University, her internship at Rutgers University Behavioral Health/Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and her fellowship at Akron Children’s Hospital. She continues to train both medical residents and psychology fellows regarding effective assessment and treatment for Tic Disorders.

Allen shoaff

Allen Shoaff, Tourette Association Ambassador

Allen Shoaff is a student at Perry High School in Canton, Ohio. Allen is a junior and is graduating in 2021. He is a tic and Tourette patient at Akron Children’s Hospital, and Tourette Association of America Youth Ambassador. Allen was officially diagnosed with Tourette syndrome in 2017, and has been a Tourette patient at Akron Children’s Hospital since. He was accepted be a Youth Ambassador and went through training in 2019.