Webinar – Alternative & Complementary Therapies for TS

Webinar: Alternative & Complementary Therapies for Tourette Syndrome

Moderated by Dr. Katie Kompoliti, this webinar focused on alternative and complementary therapies for Tourette Syndrome and how to talk to your healthcare provider about incorporating these strategies into your current treatment plan.

Dr. Katie Kompoliti is a Professor of Neurology at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago.  Dr. Kompoliti was born in Greece and completed her early education there, including medical school.  After graduating from the University of Patras, College of Medicine in Greece, she pursued her interest in neuroscience by completing a residency in Neurology at Northwestern University in Chicago.  Upon the completion of her residency she held a fellowship in Movement Disorders at Rush University Medical Center.  Following her fellowship, she became faculty in Movement Disorders, Department of Neurology at Rush University Medical Center where she is currently a Professor of Neurology.  She is the author and co-author of numerous publications.  Her clinical interests as a principal investigator have focused on several therapeutic areas including studies to evaluate the safety and efficacy of new compounds to treat Parkinson’s disease, Tourette Syndrome, and Functional Movement Disorders.  Furthermore, she is the educational director of the section of Movement Disorders and the director of Movement Disorders fellowship at Rush Medical Center.



Dr. Katie Kompoliti
Dr. Katie Kompoliti

Alternative & Complementary Therapies