TAA Webinars

The Tourette Association of America’s hosts a variety of webinars to further educate parents, youth, educators, working professionals, and the general public about Tourette Syndrome and help support the Tourette community.

If you are unable to attend a webinar, or are looking for a refresher from a past webinar, you can visit the TAA YouTube Channel for webinar sessions and many useful resource videos.

Upcoming Webinars

Free Webinar: Bullying Prevention – Everyone Has a Role

3:00-4:00pm EST
Thursday, February 7 
Presented by: Julie Hertzog


Join us for an afternoon webinar on Thursday, February 7 given by Julie Hertzog, Director of PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center and leader in bullying prevention. Designed for parents, professionals, and youth, this webinar shows that we all have an important role to play in bullying prevention. During this webinar, Julie will discuss the following points:

  • Defining bullying and understanding the dynamics
  • Exploring bullying prevention law and policy
  • Students with an IEP or 504
  • Advocating as an adult for and with the child
  • Encouraging those who witness bullying to take action
  • Parents and schools working together
sad bullied

New Webinars

Presented by: Julie Hertzog

facebook live bullying


This Facebook Live will discuss the topic of bullying, ask questions, and teach some important facts that can help.

Presented by: Dr. Michael Himle


Although motor and vocal tics are the defining and most recognizable symptoms of Tourette Syndrome and Tic Disorders, many individuals also experience problems with anxiety and a depressed mood. These problems are often overlooked. In this webinar, Dr. Himle discusses the signs and symptoms of normal and abnormal anxiety and depression and helps participants understand some of the reasons that these problems are so common in individuals with TS. More importantly, Dr. Himle explains what treatment options are available, how to find help (or know if you are getting the right help), and outline practical strategies for managing anxiety and mood problems in both adults and children.

Presented by: Weill Cornell Medical College


Here is the afternoon session for the CME Tourette workshop for all allied healthcare professionals working with Tourette and tic disorders, courtesy of the Weill Cornell Medical College and the NY State Consortium Centers of Excellence with the Tourette Association of America. This symposium will offer an overview on tic disorders for community healthcare providers to help them accurately diagnose and manage tic disorders and comorbid conditions across the lifespan. In a highly interactive format, health care providers will receive practical information and tools for their first patient encounter with Tourette and tic disorders.

Presented by: Dr. Kenneth Phelps & Dr. Heather Simpson


Have you ever felt overwhelmed? Felt that there is just too much to do to ensure your loved one’s success? Join us for a webinar on Thursday, November 1 in which Dr. Kenneth Phelps and Dr. Heather Simpson will discuss the idea of a “Tic Management Lifestyle” with simple and practical solutions that can have a large impact for better days. They will discuss four necessary components for “Tic Management Lifestyle”, define the role of the environment on tics, and provide functional strategies to promote the “Tic Management Lifestyle”.

Previous Webinars

Presented by: Dr. Michael Himle


Hosted by the Tourette Health and Education Program and in partnership with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, this webinar explores the most common co-occurring conditions and potential treatment options.

Presented by: Margery Henning MS


Margery Henning, a Tourette Association of America Educational Advisory Committee and occupational therapist discussed ways for individuals with Tourette and Tic Disorders to get through all the sensory overloads that the holidays bring.

Presented by: Dr. Katie Kompoliti

Presented by: Kathy and Matt Giordano


“Real People, Real Progress” Presented by Kathy and Matt Giordano

Presented by: Pam Malley


Speech-language pathologist Pam Malley will discuss the basics of Social Communication Disorder.

Presented by: Barbara Coffey, Pamela Malley, and Kathy Giordano


Webinar discussion with Barbara Coffey, MD., Pamela Malley, MA., and Kathy Giordano on Tourette Syndrome and ADHD.