Comprehensive Behavioral Intervention for Tics or CBIT

CBIT is a powerful technique that has been demonstrated to reduce tic severity. That a behavioral treatment helps reduce tic severity is a step forward and reflects modern understanding of how the brain can be shaped by the environment. The Tourette Association and the Association’s Behavioral Science Consortium is committed to communicating clearly what this research means so the treatment will be used correctly and effectively.

Since the mid-1960s medication has been the only real treatment option for children and adults with Tic Disorders. However, while helpful for many people, its use is often limited by side effects. In 2001 the Tourette Association of America Behavioral Science Consortium began developing and testing a promising behavioral treatment option. This work has led to the publication of the first large scale study showing that a non-medication treatment can effectively reduce tic severity. This treatment is called the Comprehensive Behavioral Intervention for Tics or CBIT (see-bit).

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