Day: November 13, 2020

At age five and half I was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome, and until I was nineteen, I struggled horribly. I had episodes where I would tic hundreds of times in an afternoon, sometimes over a thousand times in a day. I had ‘coprolalia’, ‘copropraxia’, but my ability to be a mimic, spurred on by my ‘echolalia’, I have found to be of great benefit today. I was bullied a great deal, even beaten up on occasion, and though it was sport for my peers to ostracize me, despite this I had a good attitude, and amazing parents, who allowed me to be creative, explore, and try new things. After a twelve year struggle, my Mother, who never gave up hope for a cure, and never allowed me to give up hope either, discovered a unique balance of homeopathy, exercise, and spirituality that proved just the right thing to help me tip the scales from an unmanageable case of Tourette to a more manageable one.