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2022 Impact Survey

The 2022 Impact Survey has now been closed. Thank you for your interest.

In 2018, the Tourette Syndrome and Tic Disorder community joined together to provide valuable information that helped the Tourette Association of America to assess the impact of the condition on individuals and families. This is now your opportunity to contribute. 

Your participation in the survey will directly help to raise awareness and increase greater understanding of how Tourette Syndrome has affected the lives of those impacted. The anonymous data captured is particularly useful for policymakers and the public to recognize critical issues facing the community.

Topics covered in the survey include Tourette Syndrome’s impact on:

  • sleep
  • social life
  • pain
  • education
  • diagnosis
  • treatment
  • coprolalia
  • employment
  • healthcare
  • finances
  • suicide/self-harm
  • and more

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