TouretteConnect March 2018

“I’m a believer” I proclaimed from the podium in front of a room full of people who wore teal Tourette Association of America buttons self-proclaiming they were resilient, funny, kind, and, in one case, loud.  Nevertheless, they were all believers too.  The 2018 National Education and Advocacy Conference brought together people from throughout the Tourette Syndrome community who connected, laughed and learned a whole lot. Here I was, honored to be standing in front of them, as the newly appointed Executive Vice President and Interim CEO.
It was a remarkable experience to see the new class of Youth Ambassadors and their families #rally4Tourette in our Nation’s Capital, Washington, DC, and all of the attendees on Conference come together and embrace each other.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to lead this community of believers.  You amaze and inspire the whole team at the TAA to be better and do more.  It is your stories, your involvement, your candor and your resilience that propels us.  You are our rocket fuel.

Stay tuned for all of the extincting things to come this year including the National Awareness 5K Run/Walk, Tourette Awareness Month, the Illinois Gold Classic & Ladies’ Game Day and the Premier Gala.


New CDC Study on Tourette Syndrome in the Educational Setting


Researchers from the CDC and the Tourette Association of America have published findings about how having Tourette Syndrome and other conditions affect children in school, such as repeating a grade, academic problems, or needing special services.

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Can Deep Brain Stimulation Treat Tourette Syndrome?


Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) is a surgical therapy using an implantable device to stimulate brain regions.  An international research team, led by the TAA, published the preliminary results of a study assessing efficacy and safety of DBS to treat adults with Tourette Syndrome.

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Webinar: Tourette Syndrome & Co-Occurring Conditions


March 19, 2018 – 6:00pm – 7:00pm EST

Dr. Mike Himle, Clinical Psychologist and Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Utah will be discussing the most common co-occurring conditions and potential treatment options.  Please join us for this FREE webinar.

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National Advocacy Day 2018

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On March 1st, more than 100 TAA representatives went to Capitol Hill for our National Advocacy day to #rally4Tourette.  Participants met with 94 House and senate offices to discuss TAA’s top priorities including continued funding for the CDC Tourette syndrome Program, funding for medical research, better access to treatments and the need for telemedicine coverage.

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