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Why I Walk: Michael V.

Our son Michael is 9 years old. Last year, Michael was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome. It wasn’t easy for all of us! The beginning of school was very difficult. Not everyone understood why Michael was jerking his head, making noises and grinding his teeth. We are beyond blessed to have an amazing teacher who is very supportive and understanding, which makes his everyday easy and less stressful.

We are blessed and incredibly lucky to be his parents. My son is my role model. He’s very intelligent. Even though he struggles, he never stops smiling. He has the best sense of humor and when you talk to him, he will always make you feel loved and very special.

Michael loves to watch YouTube videos about natural disasters, world history, ancestry and world culture… did I already tell you that he is very special? Of course, he’s also obsessed with Legos, playing drums and science.

Tourette Syndrome and tics can be emotionally, physically, and socially debilitating. Due to his condition, he was challenged mentally and physically. We can’t believe how much he has matured during this year. Those challenging tics made him stronger and braver. By being touched by his own struggle, he became an understanding, sensitive and open-minded person.

We are a part of the Tourette Association of America family and will be participating in the National Awareness 5K Run/Walk. Our goal is to spread awareness and raise money for the research and support for those who struggle and need help.

Please take a moment and share this fundraising page. We would greatly appreciate every donation.

We believe having support makes everything possible!

– Marzena W.