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It has been nearly six weeks since we all began actively working to flatten the curve, and the TAA has been doing our part by staying home. These last few weeks have been a test on all of us mentally, physically and emotionally, but it has also taught us a lot about our community. Each of you in the Tourette Syndrome and Tic Disorder community embody strength and resilience every single day, pandemic or not. It has also allowed for some of the most productive, collaborative and creative times to develop new and exciting programs and information.
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This workshop aims to provide an overview of tics and Tourette Disorder for teachers and other school personnel, as well as instruction in facilitating earlier identification of Tourette Disorder and related conditions that contribute to academic difficulties, such as Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).
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Among the many changes to our daily lives, the loss of regular school structures often feels like the largest. Whether your child’s school is calling it distance learning, online learning, or continuous learning, the bottom line is: you are now your child’s primary teacher. For those without a degree in teaching, this can feel overwhelming. Let us provide you some tips that will help you to prioritize, schedule, and gain perspective to make this experience positive for you and your child.
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Join Kate Mielitz Ph.D., AFC®, the working professional mom of Kaden from Raising Tourettes and Wendy Wegman, Education Specialist at the Tourette Association of America, as they discuss how to navigate the changes caused by COVID-19 and the importance of practicing communication as it relates to the Tourette and Tic Community. Doing right or doing wrong, we’re all in this together.