Free Webinar: Workplace Accommodations and Disability Rights

The first webinar, as part of a six-part series designed for adults with Tourette Syndrome, will be focused on understanding your rights in the workplace. Ellie Jarvie, LCSW and TAA Chapter Chair, and Steven Corfman, Civil Rights Attorney, discuss the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and how it can be used to help support you in the workplace. This webinar will review questions about disclosure and accommodations at every step of the process— from the application process and interview issues that may arise on the job.



Ellie Jarvie, MSW, LCSW is an adult with Tourette Syndrome. She has been involved in support and advocacy efforts since her diagnosis in the mid-1980’s. As someone who had very noticeable symptoms from junior high through her early 30’s, she found that educating others about Tourette was a key accommodation for her success in school and in the workplace. Ellie has worked with youth and adults with a  variety of disabilities, including extensive experience in community mental health programs. She currently works as an advocacy specialist for Disability Rights Wisconsin.

Steven Corfman, Esq., is a civil rights attorney focused on preventing disability discrimination. His first career was running a professional association for small businesses, and he changed careers to pursue anti-discrimination law after finding deep satisfaction in civil-rights-related volunteer work. He has published on local anti-discrimination ordinances, and his law school training included work at the U.S. Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division and the Southern Poverty Law Center. He practiced disability law at Legal Action of Wisconsin before joining Disability Rights Wisconsin.