Webinar Series for Adults with Tourette

Tourette Syndrome is a lifelong condition impacting all ages. While Tourette Syndrome is a childhood onset disorder, 66% of adults experience tics and co-occurring conditions that persist throughout adulthood. The TAA and Adult Task Force, comprised of adults with TS and leading physicians across the nation, have identified relevant topics of which support for the community is needed.

Workplace Accommodations and Disability Rights

Do you know that having a diagnosis of Tourette Syndrome and associated conditions qualifies you for protections under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)?

TAA Wisconsin Chapter Chair, Ellie Jarvie, LCSW and Civil Rights attorney, Steven Corfman, discuss the ADA can be used to help support you in the workplace. This webinar will review questions about disclosure and accommodations at every step of the process, from the application process to the interview to issues that may arise on the job.

Managing Stress

Mental Health Counselor, Tanya Alvarado and her husband Yamil discuss the difference between healthy and unhealthy stress, how it can affect the brain and the different coping techniques to utilize when experiencing stress. Yamil will also shed light upon how stress affects him as a parent with Tourette Syndrome.

Transitioning Care

When a person with Tourette Syndrome becomes an adult, one of the additional obstacles that they are faced with is identifying a care team to continue their treatment in this stage of life. Dr. Wissam Deeb addresses this issue and provides helpful tips and tools.

Coming up in the series:

Managing Depression & Anxiety

March 2020
Presenters: Jackie Nau and Anthony Rostain, MD, MA

Navigating Family and Personal Relationships

May 2020
Presenter(s): Eric McGowan, MA and Katie Kompoliti, MD

Substance Abuse

July 2020