A Look at Progress Made in 2020

2020 has certainly proven to be one of the most unpredictable and challenging years for everyone. While the uncertainty of the pandemic may have made us rethink how we support the community, it did not derail us. In fact, by the close of this year the Tourette Association of America will have tripled our virtual offerings, with almost 100 virtual support initiatives – from a free Virtual Conference, weekly webinars, a Virtual Gala and virtual walks around the country. To continue at this pace, we need your financial support.

As we look to the future, let’s work together in a variety of ways:

TS and Tic Disorder understanding and social acceptance continues to evolve but you remain a critical part of our future. We are ever invested in underwriting research, working with our medical and scientific partners to improve diagnosis, treatment, and care; advocating for federal support; educating the medical, educational and general communities to better understand, accept and improve the lives of those living with TS; and providing new and improved tools to our community.

To do all of this and more, we need your unwavering support. During these most difficult times, we hope we can count on you.

A Year in Review:


Randi Zemsky, TAA Board Chair, has agreed to match dollar-for-dollar up to $50,000 of contributions received by December 31, 2020.
Annual report 2020
Read the latest Annual Report.


  • 1/7: Webinar: ADHD and TS
  • 1/8: TAA-CDC Education Program in Spruce Place, MN
  • 1/9: Deep Brain Stimulation Meeting in New York City, NY
  • 1/10: TAA-CDC Medical Program in Corinth, MS
  • 1/15: TAA-CDC CBIT Workshop in Wilmington, DE
  • 1/15: Spanish-speaking Parent Online Support Group Launch
  • 1/17: Adult Webinar Series: Transitioning Care to Adulthood
  • 1/18: TS-BTI Training in San Antonio, TX
  • 1/20: Facebook Live: Tourette Syndrome 101 in Spanish
  • 1/20: TAA-CDC Education Program in Webb City, MO
  • 1/31: TAA-CDC Medical Program in Stony Brook, NY


  • 2/4: TAA-CDC CBIT Workshop in Lakewood, NJ
  • 2/4: TAA-CDC Medical Program in Harrisburg, PA
  • 2/6: Provider Webinar Series: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for OCD
  • 2/8: TS-BTI Training in Miami, FL
  • 2/8: TAA-CDC CBIT Workshop in North Aurora, IL
  • 2/12: TAA-CDC Medical Program in Chapel Hill, NC
  • 2/14: TAA-CDC Education Program in Pelion, SC
  • 2/24: TAA-CDC Education Program in Montrose, CO
  • 2/26: TAA-CDC Education Program in Houston County, MS
  • 2/28: Presenter at the African American Conf. on Disabilities, Phoenix, AZ

Awareness Initiative: Black History Month


  • 3/3: Facebook Live: Q&A about living with TS as a teen/young adult
  • 3/3: TAA-CDC Education Program in Marlow, OK
  • 3/3: TAA Youth Ambassador Training
  • 3/4: TAA-CDC Education Program in Okaloosa, IA
  • 3/5: TS National Advocacy Day
  • 3/5: Provider Webinar Series: Diagnosing TS and Initial Considerations
  • 3/7: TS-BTI Training in Los Angeles, CA
  • 3/15: COVID-19 resources for the TS community launched
  • 3/25: Webinar: Providing CBIT via Telehealth
  • 3/26: Zoom: Dealing with TS and Mental Health Amid the Coronavirus Spread
  • 3/30: TAA-CDC Education Program in Cobb County, GA


  • 4/2: Doing it Right or Doing it Wrong: We’re All in This Together
  • 4/4: Zoom: Navigating Changes from COVID-19
  • 4/7: Webinar: International Exchange and Tourette Syndrome
  • 4/9: Zoom: Tips for Teaching When you Aren’t a Teacher
  • 4/10: TAA-CDC Medical Program in Las Vegas, NV
  • 4/15: Adult Webinar Series: A Discussion on COVID-19 and Managing Anxiety
  • 4/23: Preparing for College for Young Adults with TS
  • 4/27: Webinar: Tics and Pandemic: Practical Strategies During Quarantine
  • 4/29: Facebook Live: An Expert’s View on Medical Care for TS


  • 5/2: TicTalk 2020 at Washington University at St. Louis
  • 5/5: Zoom Discussion: Going Up! For Ages 8-12.
  • 5/7: Provider Webinar Series: The Treatment and Management of TS
  • 5/7: Zoom: Going Up! Ages 13-17
  • 5/11: TAA-CDC Education Program in Massapequa, NY
  • 5/12: Zoom: Visualizing a FantasTIC Future: Creating a Vision Board Ages 8-12
  • 5/14: Zoom: Annual Scientific and Medical Meeting
  • 5/15: TAA National Conference (20+ virtual programs)
  • 5/15: Team Tourette: Miles for Tourette
  • 5/18: TicFit – Workout Series Launched
  • 5/19: Zoom: Children’s TS Forum for Ages 8-12
  • 5/21: Tics & TS: How to Support Children at School & Home, Rush University
  • 5/21: Zoom: Teen TS Forum Ages 13-17
  • 5/26: Zoom: Job Searching? Wine Down with the TAA Young Professionals.

Awareness Initiative: Mental Health Awareness Month
Awareness Initiative: Tourette Syndrome Awareness Month


  • 6/2: Webinar: TS and Managing Depression during COVID-19.
  • 6/15: Instagram Live: Tourette 101
  • 6/15: Children and Teen Online Support Group Launched
  • 6/16: Adult Webinar Series: Navigating Family and Personal Relationships
  • 6/18: Artistic Expressions – Southern California Initiative
  • 6/23: Facebook Live: Resiliency and Mental Health

Awareness Initiative: Pride Month
Awareness Initiative: Tourette Syndrome Awareness Month (cont.)


  • 7/1: Tourette Connections (TC) Webinar Series: Dare to Dream
  • 7/8: TC Webinar Series: Habit Reversal for Children with TS
  • 7/15: TC Webinar Series: Successful School/Staff Relationships
  • 7/15: 2021 Research Grants Program Launched
  • 7/22: TC Webinar Series: Treatment of Tics and Other Repetitive Behavior
  • 7/29: TC Webinar Series: Workplace Accommodations and Disability Rights
  • 7/30: TAA-CDC Medical Program in Sioux Falls, SD


  • 8/5: TC Webinar Series: An Overview of Suicide Prevention; Applications
    for those with TS and Tic Disorders
  • 8/10: TAA-CDC Education Program – Texakama, AR
  • 8/11: Facebook Live: Navigating your 20s/ Life with TS
  • 8/15: Renewed Sponsorship of Tourette’s Pod for Season 6 & 7
  • 8/15: Back to School Resources Launched
  • 8/18: TAA-CDC Education Program in Marlow, OK
  • 8/19: TAA-CDC Education Program in Trenton, MO
  • 8/20: Zoom: How to Navigate Your Career Path
  • 8/25: TAA-CDC Education Program in Mansfield, MA
  • 8/30: Zoom: Back to School Chapter/ Support Group Check-in


  • 9/5: TAA-CDC Medical Program in AAP Florida Chapter
  • 9/11: TAA-CDC CBIT Workshop in Little Rock, AR
  • 9/14: Zoom/Facebook Live: Understanding What Behavioral Challenges
  • 9/15: 2020-2021 Online Support Group Applications Launched
  • 9/15: Research Donor Exclusive Webinar
  • 9/15: Diversity and Inclusion Focus Group Launched
  • 9/21: Zoom: Q&A – Ask the Youth Ambassador and Rising Leader
  • 9/22: Research Donor Exclusive Webinar
  • 9/24: TAA-CDC Medical Program in Madison, WI
  • 9/29: Youth Ambassador Check-In: Virtual Programming

Awareness Initiative: National Hispanic Heritage Awareness Month
Awareness Initiative: National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month


  • 10/8: Spanish Awareness Campaign Launched
  • 10/9: TAA-CDC CBIT Workshop in Hershey, PA
  • 10/15: Webinar: Dealing with Emotional Outbursts
  • 10/15: Suck a Lemon Challenge – Southern California Initiative
  • 10/16: Virtual Celebration – Southern California Initiative
  • 10/19: TAA-CDC CBIT Workshop in Columbia, MD
  • 10/21: Community Webinar for Families Helping Families
  • 10/22: TAA-CDC Medical Program in Aurora, CO
  • 10/27: Webinar: Cyberbullying Prevention with PACER
  • 10/29: TAA Virtual Gala
  • 10/30: Comprehensive Adult Toolkit Launched

Awareness Initiative: OCD Awareness Week
Awareness Initiative: ADHD Awareness Month
Awareness Initiative: Bullying Prevention Month
Awareness Initiative: National Disability Employment Awareness Month


  • 11/7: Mass. General Hospital Virtual Family Day Symposium
  • 11/10: TAA-CDC Education Program in Stillwater, OK
  • 11/10: Virtual Funders Breakfast
  • 11/10: Learning in the time of COVID-19 at TAA CofE Rush University
  • 11/12: TAA-CDC CBIT Workshop in Brooklyn, NY
  • 11/13: TAA-CDC Medical Program in Kansas City, KS
  • 11/13: TAA-CDC CBIT Workshop in Tucson, AZ
  • 11/18: PTIC Community Presentation
  • 11/19: Sibling Support Forum
  • 11/26: Team Tourette: Turkey Trot


  • 12/1: #GivingTuesday
  • 12/1: Veronica Beard Gives Back
  • 12/2: TAA-CDC CBIT Workshop in Aurora, CO
  • 12/2: TAA-CDC Medical Program in Iowa City, IA
  • 12/3: TAA-CDC CBIT Workshop in Baltimore, MD
  • 12/3: TAA-CDC CBIT Workshop in San Juan, PR
  • 12/3 & 12/4: Kendra Scott Gives Back, NY
  • 12/9: TAA-CDC Medical Program in Providence, RI
  • 12/11: TAA-CDC Medical Program in Winston-Salem, NC
  • 12/16: TAA-CDC Medical Program in Pittsburgh, PA

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