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Created through the Affordable care Act in 2010, it is short for the “Health Insurance Marketplace,” which is a service that helps individuals shop for and enroll in medical insurance. The Marketplace is run by the federal government in most states and is sometimes also known as the “exchange” and can be accessed at but there are some states that also run their own Marketplaces, in which case they have their own websites.
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High school students with Tourette syndrome have historically had a difficult time getting the needed accommodations for the SATs even though they have received the same accommodations during high school. Too often students were forced to take this test in a room with hundreds of other students and would need to put energy and focus on suppressing their tics. Students whose tics interfere with their ability to read and/or write have not been allowed to use keyboarding or have test read to them. Being allowed to use calculators, to circle answers instead of filling in bubbles and being provided breaks as needed have generally been denied.
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For someone with Tourette Syndrome, the thought of needing to twitch without the ability to move can be a frightening one. But, after being diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease), that became the reality for Joe Wions. The prognosis for ALS is a two- to three-year death sentence. With unbreakable will and persistence, Joe chose a different fate. Left with a hopeless situation in the eyes of doctors, he worked through the agony of Tourette’s, faced the daunting fear of ALS, and set out on a quest for alternatives. Determined to find a cure, Joe endured harrowing moments of decline, but eventually stumbled upon keys that unlocked healing in both his body and his mind, and brought forth perspective on how to live fully, regardless of one's limitations.