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October is a mega-month for our community and for the Tourette Association of America. Together we celebrate National Bullying Prevention MonthADHD Awareness Month and OCD Awareness Week. I say celebrate because it is a wonderful thing that we can reflect on past struggles that have effected real and lasting change. For those of us who have endured any and all of those conditions, we also know the burden and weight they can bring. It is why we keep shining light on the important efforts of the TAA and our community partners so that everyone can feel supported and understood.

In addition, we are gearing up for the second annual Virtual Gala on October 28, 2021. As we’ve prepared for this momentous event, and our largest fundraiser of the year, I have been moved to tears by the impactful conversations and stories shared. This event has been made accessible to our community with $25 ticket options and a plethora of sponsorship options for individuals and partners. Please take advantage of this – as it is the catalyst that can help propel us forward through these challenging times. Honorees for the event include Michael A. Bamberger, Senior Counsel for Dentons US LLP, Tim Howard, NBC Sports Premier League Sports Analyst and former United States Men’s National Soccer Goalkeeper, and Nick Iadevaio, Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion at L’Oreal USA. Experience intimate and real conversations amongst Youth Ambassadors, parents, children, and adults impacted by the condition. Highlights include Aidy Smith, TV presenter, and a musical performance from Anilee List, former American Idol contestant. We are counting on you to help us reach every corner of the nation with awareness and education.

Shifting gears, we have formally launched our national Neurodiverse Workforce Development Program to provide adults impacted by Tourette Syndrome, Tic Disorders, and related disabilities with tools needed to thrive in the workplace. Join us with Oracle Careers on Thursday, December 2nd from 1:30-3:30pm EST for a Mock Interview Series, which will provide participants the opportunity to practice interviewing skills without the pressure to perform, and encourages confidence building while also focusing on areas of improvement. Click here to learn more and register to reserve your spot today!

50% of people impacted are going undiagnosed. The magnitude of this statement is incomprehensible, but together – and only together – we can change this. It is our goal to deliver new and innovative programming to train medical professionals, invest in life-altering research that can vastly improve quality of life, and expand upon our local support offerings. Please make a financial contribution, learn about volunteering with the TAA, help us facilitate connections with organizations and individuals who are ready, willing, and able. To do this, we need your continued support and involvement.


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Tourette Artist Talks Tics and Art


“I’ve realized that this condition has no bearing on my character, value or ability to accomplish my art, and within that I found a level of peace that’s changed my direction.” – Steven Gabriele Jr

Steven, a Navy veteran and adult living with Tourette Syndrome, discusses his TS diagnosis in 2018, how he learned self-acceptance, his hope to raise awareness, and his work as a tattoo artist.

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TikTok Tics: The Role of Social Media


Throughout the pandemic, social media platforms like TikTok may have played a role in the rise of new patients with tic-like behaviors.

Dr. John Piacentini, TAA Scientific Advisory Board Co-Chair, and Dr. Katie Kompoliti, Director of the TAA Center of Excellence, the Rush Movement Disorder Center at Rush University Medical Center, are among several doctors delving deeper into the viral videos and its effect on the youth.

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Free Mock Interview Series


We know that adults impacted by TS and other neurodiverse conditions need support and we are committed to being there. Therefore, we have launched a comprehensive series with Oracle in an effort to provide tools and resources to help guide our community through the challenges of preparing for and landing dream jobs.

The Mock Interview Series will take place on Thursday, December 2. There are limited spaces available, and registration is offered on a first-come, first-serve basis!

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New Bill Includes CDC TS Program Continued Funding

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Last month we updated you on Continuing Resolutions and this is how the process has evolved. Senate Appropriations Chair Patrick Leahy released a draft of the new bill for the Senate Labor Health and Human Services Appropriations Fiscal Year 2022, and included the CDC Tourette Syndrome Program’s continued funding of $2 million dollars.

Within the bill, the Senate Appropriations Committee commended the CDC for its national public health education and research program on Tourette Syndrome and expressed its intent that funds will continued to be used to continue to educate physicians, educators, clinicians, allied professionals, and the general public about the disorder and to improve scientific knowledge on prevalence, risk factors and co-occurring conditions of Tourette Syndrome.

The Tourette Association of America will continue to work with Congress to ensure the continued funding of the CDC Tourette Syndrome Program, but you can help by joining the outreach efforts to underscore importance.

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