TouretteConnect August 2020

With the summer winding down and the new school year approaching, many of us are unsure of what the next few months will bring for ourselves and our families. The lingering effects of the lockdowns due to COVID-19 have changed many things for us and challenged our understanding of what constitutes “normal”. The upcoming school year will be vastly different in many ways, whether classes are held in person or virtually. With that in mind I can assure you one thing remains constant; the Tourette Association of America’s commitment to providing resources and tips to support you and your loved ones during these times. The critical work of this organization cannot, and did not, stop for the global pandemic.

To help offer some predictability and routine, our team of education experts put together a guide to help transition students, parents and teachers back to school. They also offered advice on best practices that may help reduce anxiety during these uncertain times. We understand that there is not a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to school this year and our community is especially vulnerable to the constant change in routine. While everyone may have different ideas about what the learning environment should look like, please feel confident that the choices you make are what’s best for you and your family.

In addition to back to school resources, we are working on a plethora of other initiatives that help support our community. In the coming weeks you can look forward to information about our Virtual Gala being held on October 29, a national Spanish-speaking TS awareness campaign, a free and anonymous poll to glean what are the most important topics for our health and education team to deliver in the coming year, and our impactful 2020 research update. Our Public Policy arm continues to fight for the most pressing needs facing the community, and we need your input for the expansion of Telehealth Coverage for the community.

The financial contributions made by you and others play an integral role in our ability to weather uncertain times like these. 1 million Americans across the nation are impacted by TS and 50% remain undiagnosed. Help us change this alarming statistic by learning about the various ways to give, get involved, raise awareness and make a difference.


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Back to School Preparations


TAA Youth Ambassadors, Rising Leaders and Education Specialists have provided an abundance of tips and videos designed to help your family succeed in the upcoming school year.

Get advice and download customizable resources on how to educate teachers and classmates on Tourette Syndrome and Tic Disorders, how to advocate for your child and how to manage school days as we get accustomed to the new normal.

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2021 Grant and Fellowship Funding Opportunities


Funding from the TAA has encouraged many investigators to become and/or remain involved in pursuing Tourette Syndrome and Tic Disorder research that has increased our knowledge of the disorder and helped discover new treatment options.

Upcoming Grant and Fellowship Funding Opportunities include the Annual Young Investigator Award, as well as the TAA/American Brain Foundation Partnership – Clinical Research Training Scholarship in Tourette Syndrome.

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Education In-Services at Your School


The TAA can provide free education in-service presentations for your child’s school. These presentations cover tips for managing Tourette Syndrome and Tic Disorders in the classroom, as well as the impact of common co-occurring conditions (ADHD, OCD, anxiety, social skills deficits) on the student at school.

Presentations also cover accommodations and suggestions on how educators can work compassionately and positively with students. To schedule a presentation, please email [email protected]. We are currently scheduling all presentations virtually.

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Support Telehealth Coverage Expansion

[Public Policy]

COVID-19 has increased the coverage of telehealth during the Public Health Emergency (PHE) for Medicare. This means more people in the Tourette Syndrome and Tic Disorder community have been able to utilize telehealth during this time.

We need your help to ensure this increased coverage continues. Submit stories of how telehealth has benefitted you, or your child, in the care of Tourette Syndrome or other Tic Disorders during the PHE.

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What's Happening

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