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TouretteConnect June 2020

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The last three months have been challenging times to navigate for all of us, both personally and professionally. We have needed to lean on one
another in unfamiliar ways and trust each other during these tumultuous times. Throughout it all, the Tourette Association has demonstrated its ability
to be nimble and deliver quality programming despite unprecedented barriers.

Tourette Syndrome Awareness Month was an exceptional month. We received nearly 100 unique and touching stories from across the nation through mytourette.org, the TAA’s virtual quilt showcasing the community. We had nearly 300 participants, from 26 states, take part in Miles for Tourette – and we even had a gift come in all the way from Singapore. Virtual Conference reached over 1,500 people across the globe with 19 different free learning experiences from exceptional leaders and physicians in the community. To continue this important work we need you.


To affect change. Continue advocating and teaching others to accept differences, be open to learning about Tourette Syndrome and Tic Disorders, and be more empathetic to addressing health disparities and mental health, gender, race and equality issues.

Live up to our potential. Expanding our reach through virtual and inperson programming, training, and awareness-based activities is essential to mission delivery. Our ability to do good work doesn’t stop for a global pandemic because we know and understand that it is more important than ever. But we can’t do it alone.

Diagnose the other half. As the only national organization dedicated to serving over 1 million individuals impacted by TS and Tic Disorders we need to continuously evolve to ensure we are here for the 50% yet to be diagnosed and those yet to be born. This essential work comes at a cost. Your gift brings global awareness, improves time to diagnosis, access to treatments, public education, and cutting-edge research. Without you there is no TAA. Is that a price you are willing to pay? Donate today.


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Resiliency During a Pandemic


As part of Awareness Month, Gardiner Comfort, actor and adult living with Tourette Syndrome, recently spoke with Brian Vines, Chief Correspondent for BRIC TV, about living with Tourette Syndrome amidst the pandemic.

He shared what life is like, from taking public transportation to exercising in parks, while being impacted by COVID-19 related tics. Gardiner also shares how TS and his passion for acting have gone hand-in-hand and how he uses art to express himself and manage his tics.

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CDC Partnership for Behavioral Treatment of Tics


The CDC featured work conducted in partnership with the TAA to raise awareness and increase access to effective behavioral therapies for Tourette Syndrome and Tic Disorders.

Through this partnership, the TAA provides no-cost CBIT workshops for health professionals as well as educational programs about CBIT for those with TS and their families. If you are interested in hosting or attending a workshop, please contact programs@tourette.org.


Tourette Connections: Virtual Series


The TAA Wisconsin Chapter is hosting a virtual webinar series in place of their annual Tourette Connections conference. This FREE webinar series is available to the community and highlights a variety of topics including “Successful Relationships between School Staff and Parents,” “Workplace Accommodations and Disability Rights,” and “An Overview of Suicide Prevention.”

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Support TS Research and Funding

[Public Policy]

Your voice matters, and your concerns matter! Take a step to advocate for individuals across the country living with Tourette Syndrome or a Tic Disorder.

Send a letter to your local representatives reminding them about the important issues facing the Tourette Syndrome and Tic Disorder community. In less than one minute, you can directly impact Tourette Syndrome and Tic Disorder research and funding.