Brain Bank for Participants

In order to find the key to treating Tourette Syndrome, scientists must be able to fully understand the brain’s basic biochemistry. This can only be done by studying actual brain tissue. The critical question is — how do you go about getting brain tissue to study 

A Shortage of Brain Tissue to Study:

Since the discussion of organ donation can be a sensitive subject, it is no surprise that brain tissue is in short supply for research. This critical shortage of brain tissue frustrates scientific inquiry, and slows progress in understanding the physiological basis of Tourette Syndrome.

You Can Help:

By registering your intent to donate brain tissue you will ultimately help provide samples that researchers need to pursue promising studies. Registering as a donor does not, in any way, affect the medical treatment you receive.

Because the majority of brain pathology studies are carried out on a very small piece of tissue, each donated brain provides an invaluable amount of material that can be distributed among many different researchers.

To support the great progress being made in Tourette research, the Tourette Association is asking its constituents and family members to consider organ donation. Working together with the Harvard Brain Tissue Resources Center, we hope to advance research and improve the lives of children and adults with Tourette and Tic Disorders everywhere.