Grants & Fellowships


Since the inception of its Research Grants and Fellowships Program in 1984, the Tourette Association has awarded more than $21 million to 250 scientists working in basic scientific and clinical Tourette Syndrome research. Projects funded by the organization have provided crucial insights into many areas of the disorder. Funding from the Tourette Association has also encouraged many investigators to become and/or remain involved in pursuing Tourette research. For every $1 dollar of TAA funding, investigators have been able to secure $10 dollars in government funding to support the next phase of their work.

To read more about the scientific and medical advances made possible by TAA funding, read our archive of research reports, including our 45th anniversary booklet.

TAA 2021 Grant and Fellowship Funding Opportunities

  1. TAA Annual Young Investigator Award
  2. TAA/American Brain Foundation Partnership – Clinical Research Training Scholarship in Tourette Syndrome
  3. Support for Research Consortia and Collaborative Research Projects

For a full listing of our funded research, please visit our grant database.

TAA has funded transformational research