Tourette Association Centers of Excellence Program
2020 Request for Applications (RFA)

Deadline: January 31, 2020

The Tourette Association of America (TAA)’s Center of Excellence program recognizes medical institutions that offer the highest level of care, are undertaking groundbreaking research, are leaders in training and education and/or provide exceptional community outreach and advocacy for Tourette syndrome and other tic disorders.

Eligibility Criteria:
Private or public healthcare facilities in the US, including those based in academic institutions, may apply for designation as a “TAA Center of Excellence”. All Centers must demonstrate a core focus on Tourette Syndrome AND demonstrate Excellence in Clinical Care as defined below:

Excellence in Clinical Care:
• Demonstration of evidence-based, interdisciplinary care – Active working relationships with different disciplines within the Center is a requirement
• Have a sliding fee scale / options for patients who don’t have insurance or who can’t afford care
• Have a CBIT provider as part of Center application
• Appointment of a clinical coordinator for patient intake and referral is a plus

In addition, Centers must meet 2 of the 3 requirements below:

Excellence in Research:
• Be a major research hub for ongoing Tourette basic science or clinical research and/or be a major clinical trial site for Tourette clinical treatment trials

Community Engagement:
• Demonstrate active community programming with at least 2 community events a year
• Demonstrate a strategy to target under-served/minority populations

Training and Education:
• Demonstrate active physician and other medical education initiatives for TS and tic disorders.

*Centers must be willing to host (at least) one of the Tourette Association of America’s regular at their site, such as the Grand Rounds through our CDC grant, or the Tourette Syndrome – Behavioral Therapy Institute.

All components of the Center must be geographically proximal, although Centers may include key providers associated with other institutions/locations if an appropriate rationale can be presented. Centers are encouraged to work throughout their region on the activities above.

The TAA Centers of Excellence program is a designation only and is not associated with financial support to the institution. Designated TAA Centers of Excellence will have the exclusive opportunity, however, to apply for separate funding opportunities throughout the year to support community education and other related activities. In addition, TAA will leverage internal resources to support knowledge-sharing opportunities for the Centers and provide other platforms for inter-Center communications. TAA will also help to accelerate and identify funding for collaborative project opportunities identified by the Centers on topical issues of interest to the field.

Application Process:
TAA will issue an open RFA for the Centers program on an annual basis. In addition to the criteria outlined above, Centers will have the opportunity to set their own goals as part of application process. Download the application.

Progress Reports:
Awarded Centers will receive “Centers of Excellence” designation for 3 years, contingent on receipt and review of annual progress reports demonstrating success and compliance with the TAA Center of Excellence agreement. Progress reports will include number of patients seen, publications, events organized, and research conducted, among other information. Progress will also be evaluated based on the individual goals for each Center as stated in the original application.

Timeline and Important Dates:
• Applications Due – January 31, 2020
• Review of Applications– Spring 2020
• TAA Board of Directors Review and Approval– June 2020
• Announcement of 2020 Centers of Excellence – July 2020

For additional questions related to the TAA Centers of Excellence Program, please contact:

Leo Neuringer, MSc
Program Assistant, Research and Medical Programs
718.224.2999 ext 257 /

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