Healthcare Reform Principles

The Tourette Association advocates effectively for healthcare reform by joining together with several larger coalitions comprised of voluntary health and consumer organizations with similar concerns. Using the information provided through the Congressional links and Coalition Membership links on the Public Policy Section of the Tourette Association website, we hope that this process will enable every member to become knowledgeable and engaged directly in expressing their views on public policy.

Among the elements of reform, the Association advocates for the following four core principles:

1. The recently enacted Mental Health Parity legislation is integrated as a requirement of services to be offered. This is because the Parity law does not mandate insurers to cover mental health, but rather to only equalize services offered.
2. A guaranteed full range of medically necessary treatments are deemed appropriate for individuals with Tourette Syndrome, including access to all appropriate specialists, including other mental health professionals.
3. The healthcare system meets the diverse needs of all Americans.
4. As a member of the Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities, the Mental Health Liaison Group, and the National Organization of Rare Diseases/ Disorders, we have signed onto three letters that clearly express support for a national healthcare reform.