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Join our Social Media Campaign

Join the Tourette Association of American on social media to raise awareness, acceptance and knowledge for Tourette Syndrome and Tic Disorders. We engage our followers in various ways across all channels! Additionally, we host digital advocacy campaigns throughout the year including the #tiChallenge#Rally4Tourette and monthly Twitter Chats called the #tourettechat where we ask our followers to join the conversation!

Little Billy #tiChallenge!

Matt G challenges you to accept his natural Tourette-tic rhythm!

Trevor challenges you to be friendly to someone who may be different!

Luis Challenges you to learn the facts... en espanol!

Jess Thom challenges you to learn more to make a difference!

Jonathan F challenges you to "own it"!

Brendan challenges you to see past his Tourette

Tempest challenges you to educate other about Toruette

Camden challenges you to get to know someone with TS better

Shana challenges you to spread awareness

Visit our Tourette TV YouTube Challenge and search #tiChallenge to see all our videos