Kid’s Corner

Children’s Tourette Syndrome Resources

The Kid’s Corner features interactive resources for children to help educate the public about Tourette Syndrome and other Tic Disorders. The Tourette Association of America, in cooperation with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), created these materials to provide comprehensive information about specific topics related to children:

Comic Book Series!

School | Home | Mall
Exploring Tourette Syndrome: Facing Challenges is a new series of comic books for children in different public situations. The first three comic books focus on exploring situations at home, in school, and at the mall.

Children’s Tool Kit!

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A Children’s Guide to Tourette Syndrome is a user friendly resource appropriate for children ages 7-12. The guide explains to children what Tourette Syndrome is and how it might affect a child at school, while also providing empowering support and fun games.

Children’s Game!

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