Youth Ambassador Pre-Training Modules

Volunteer Training Modules

Welcome to the Tourette Association of America volunteer module training center. This virtual learning experience is designed as a series of interactive, self-paced learning modules to assist new volunteers on better understanding Tourette Syndrome and Tic Disorders.

There are two training modules: one for newly accepted Youth Ambassadors, as well as a second for their adult team member.

Youth Ambassador Pre-Training Module

To be completed by the Youth Ambassador

This pre-training module is the first step to becoming a Youth Ambassador. By the end of the module participants will have learned about the Tourette Association of America, the Youth Ambassador Program, the basic science of Tourette Syndrome, as well as the impact of story telling.

Please allot 45 minutes to complete this module. Post learning session, participants are required to take an online survey. Upon completion of the survey, each participant will be able to download a certificate of completion.

Please complete the following steps prior to attending the in-person training:
1. Take the pre-training module.
2. Download and fill out the Story Development Guide. Remember to bring your completed guide to the in-person training.
3. Complete the post-test survey.
4. Download the certificate of completion.

Introduction to Tourette Syndrome Module

To be completed by Youth Ambassador Adult Team Member

This module is designed to help Youth Ambassador Team Members better understand the basic science of Tourette Syndrome, describe common treatment options and management strategies, describe common co-occurring conditions and differentiate between behaviors and symptoms.

Please allot 45 minutes to complete this training module.