Volunteer Training Modules

Volunteer Module Training Center

Welcome to the Tourette Association of America’s volunteer module training center. Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer, whether that may be a Rising Leader, YA adult team member, Education In-Service Volunteer, or an Information and Referral Volunteer. The following steps will walk you through the process and provide you with the tools necessary to offer quality service and programming within your community. Please note: if you are a Rising Leader or YA adult team member, you are only required to complete the Introduction to Tourette Syndrome module. If you are training to be an Education In-Service or Information and Referral Volunteer, please continue below to the custom modules after the Introduction to Tourette Syndrome module.

The first step for all TAA volunteers is completing the Introduction to Tourette Syndrome module. This is the first module that is required and will help you:

  • better understand the basic science of Tourette Syndrome.
  • describe common treatment options and management strategies.
  • describe common co-occurring conditions.
  • differentiate between behaviors and symptoms.

The module is self-paced, which means you can partially complete the module and return later to complete it. Once finished, you will be prompted to take a post-test survey in order to download a certificate of completion.

Custom Modules

The next step is completing the second module, specific to your area of interest. Please note: If you are a Rising Leader or Youth Ambassador adult team member, you have completed your requirements and don’t need to go any further. 

Designed for Education Professionals

Designed for Intake and Information at the Chapter level